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Sotheby’s Diamonds’ 'Inspiration and Innovation' – the precious 'Ricci Collection' photographed by Erik Madigan Heck. Discover his archive on TRUNK ARCHIVE and meet the renowned agency at UPDATE17 in Berlin

Sotheby’s Diamonds’ The Ricci Exhibition, presents the glamorous works of ERIK MADIGAN HECK and is now on display at Sotheby’s on Bond Street. Further works by the photographer are available from GoSee member TRUNK ARCHIVE. And meet TRUNK ARCHIVE this year once again at UPDATE17 on 6 October in Berlin.

“This summer, Sotheby’s is celebrating the Art of the Season – the very best in quintessentially British events that pepper the social calendar throughout the summer – and the new Sotheby’s Diamonds salon is the perfect place to choose jewels for the season, assisted by a dedicated team offering a bespoke service for any occasion or event,” says the traditional London auction house.

“Sotheby’s Diamonds celebrated the opening of the new London Salon and its contemporary collection of modern diamond masterpieces by commissioning a set of photographs by renowned photographer, Erik Madigan Heck. Approaching photography with the same eye as high art, Heck captures the essence of the great masters by using his camera as a paint brush – celebrating the jewels and the art that inspired them.”

“I always wanted to be a painter; I suppose most photographers secretly do,” says Erik Madigan Heck. “My mother was a painter. We painted together when I was a child, and she took me to the museum almost every week to look at paintings,” ERIK MADIGAN HECK tells us, who photographs for clients including The New York Times magazine, Vanity Fair, TIME, The New Yorker and Harper’s Bazaar UK. In 2013, he was one of the youngest photographers to receive the ICP Infinity Award, and at the beginning of the year, he published his monograph with powerful imagery at Thames & Hudson and Abrams Books titled Old Future, which presents works from the past ten years. Further information on the cooperation is available via the British Journal of Photography.

Erik Madigan Heck is a regular contributor to The New York Times Magazine, Vanity Fair, TIME, The New Yorker, and Harper's Bazaar UK. In 2013 he became one of the youngest photographers to receive the prestigious ICP Infinity Award, and in 2015 was awarded with the Art Directors Club’s Gold Medal and the AI-IP American Photography award for his Old Masters Portfolio, published by The New York Times Magazine. In 2017 Heck published his first public monograph with Thames & Hudson and Abrams Books titled Old Future. Heck is currently the artist in residence for the MPS Graduate Programme at The School of Visual Arts. His advertising clients include Sotheby's, Clinique, Nike, Neiman Marcus, The Los Angeles Philharmonic, The New York City Ballet, The GAP, VH1, Gentle Monster, among others.

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Trunk Archive : announces collaboration with the Ian Schrager Company for unique photography collection in newly opened London Edition Hotel

Trunk Archive is pleased to announce a collaboration with the Ian Schrager Company for the curation and licensing of a photographic collection consisting of 185 still life, landscape, floral and conceptual photographs. The installation is now on permanent view at the newly opened London Edition Hotel.

All wall space in the Berners Tavern dining room has been covered with an eclectic mix of images by over 60 Trunk Archive photographers. The photographs are elaborately displayed in gilt frames to showcase the tableaux of jewel-toned still lifes and sweeping pastoral landscapes. Artists include Simon Watson, Tessa Traeger, Don Freeman, Coppi Barbieri and Toby McFarlan Pond, amongst many others.

The Berners Tavern project is "an example of how gorgeous photography can help to create what is being described as 'one of the most visually stunning dining rooms in London now.' We are hearing only amazing feedback, and are extremely proud of the collaboration", says Matthew Moneypenny, CEO of Trunk Archive.

Kirstin Bailey, EVP of Interior Design at the Ian Schrager Company says "Our mission was to source imagery that would complement the existing architecture. This was challenging as the space consisted of triple height ceilings and intricate plasterwork. We wanted to recreate the experience of dining in a stately home and to evoke the feeling of a personal art collection. Trunk Archive rose to the occasion in a remarkable way."

The London Edition Hotel is the latest property developed through Marriott's partnership with Ian Schrager. Trunk Archive tells GoSee, “the brand blends groundbreaking innovation, great design, outstanding dining and entertainment together with impeccable modern service”.

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Trunk Archive : now representing star photographer Mikael JANSSON for image licensing, portfolio on GoSee

Mikael JANSSON is a leading fashion photographer and director currently living in New York. Renowned for his technical prowess and emotionally charged images, he cites his experience working alongside legendary photographer Richard Avedon as one of his most important influences.

Mikael gained notoriety in the mid-nineties for his collaborations with many of the important avant-garde publications of the time.

Since then, his spirit of adventure has taken him to spectacular locations around the world, on assignment for publications such as W, Vogue, Vogue Paris, Vogue Nippon as well as Love and i-D.

He regularly contributes to Interview magazine, shooting celebrity cover features as well as influential actors, musicians, designers and artists.

Mikael Jansson has photographed memorable campaigns for brands such as Calvin Klein, Armani Cosmetics, Hugo Boss, H&M, Salvatore Ferragamo and Christian Dior.

Throughout the course of his highly successful career he has also published several books, exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide and has won numerous prestigious industry awards.

TRUNK ARCHIVE is delighted to now represent his works for image licensing.

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