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BAUERFEIND VenoTrain stockings in trend colors - post production by TWENTYFOUR-7

Compression stockings in sexy? BAUERFEIND shows that it's possible. And TWENTYFOUR-7 knows, just how to shed the perfect light on the new colors in post production. The result are beautiful photos without even a hint of varicose veins or venous insufficiency. Have a closer look at the model on the BAUERFEIND homepage.
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'Typical German' campaign by Heiko Richard, post production by TWENTYFOUR-7

twentyfour-7's true colors are black & white in its post production work for the campaign 'Show Your True Colors' and Heiko Richard. But even if no real color can be seen in the image, the post production agency stands behind the message of the campaign from Berlin Partner, beBerlin and the Senate Chancellery Berlin. contributing to a better understanding among all people in Berlin aided by a change of perspective.
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TWENTYFOUR-7 twentyfour-7 on post production for the futuristic electric SUV from Chinese transportation start-up BYTON, photos: Heiko Richard

Innovative, futuristic, comfortable – just like the new electric automobile from BYTON, and the brief for post production too. Created together with TWENTYFOUR-7 and photographer Heiko Richard were photos for the SUV, which will actually not be launched until 2019. Byton is an automobile brand made by the Chinese company Future Mobility Corporation headquartered in Nanjing. Under this brand name, electric cars will be produced.

About - BYTONA global setup, right from the start. We operate in 6 locations worldwide, giving us a unique ability to bring the best of the world’s expertise together. Turning the car into the next-generation smart device requires combined forces right from the start. One driver of change are the automotive engineers, who are constantly opening up innovative forms of mobility with new technologies. Similarly important are the computing experts who are pushing the boundaries of mobility through digital transformation. Never before have both these drivers of change been so effectively united in a single company. At BYTON, automobiles and digital literacy are equally at home with one another. Go & See :
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