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news | UPDATE-19-BERLIN – Film, Photo, Illustration, Production ... a brief update on our annual GoSee event on 15 November in Berlin. We look forward to seeing you !

We know it’s summer ... and don’t want to interrupt things all too much. UPDATE-19-BERLIN is a success even before it has begun. With almost 50 confirmed exhibitors already and still quite a few requests open, we now look forward to a wonderful and well-attended event.

We are delighted to welcome CREATIVE visitors (ABs, CDs, ADs, APs, Editors, Direct Clients, ...) who can attend the Salon free of charge like every year. Simply register online in your GoSeeACCOUNT or send us an email.

Just decided you want to come as an EXHIBITOR? Then please send us a short email, and we will gladly send you further information on the oldest, most established and successful event of its kind. The spot presented here is by Sven Windszus, our 2018 Gold winner in the category CGI & Animation.

About – UPDATE is the longest running industry event of its kind, connecting creative agencies and their clients in the real world. As part of the GoSee family, we reach out to around 150,000 readers;...

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