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news | UPDATE!8BERLIN : BIG THANKS to all exhibitors, jurors, visitors and the team – we have several impressions from the Salon for Photography, Illustration, Prod & Film for you here on GoSee – including snaps from the XXL JURY DINNER at the GoSeeAWARDS

Eight hours for your UPDATE, eight hours for you to meet exhibitors from all corners of the globe, to view portfolios, have your portrait done in watercolor or paper-cut, get your very own iron-on fox, admire our balloons, enjoy a glass of champagne, catch your breath quickly in the production tent to get photographed immediately afterwards in the pop-up pro studio; mingle in the meantime with colleagues, take a mini-break at the Charity Bar followed by hors d’oeuvres in the post-mag-agent corner and get back to the entrance where the AWARDS portfolios await you and cross-over to the viewing area to see who was in line for H&M HOME; then back to the entrance and celebrate the AWARDS winners – time is fleeting – and quickly catch the newest trend, not to mention the latest gossip: “What, her too?”. Before you know it, evening has come – “Who is up for more...?” In a vertiginous pleasure. A day like a film. We gladly quote visitors a plenty:

“How do you manage to create such an...

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