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GoSee loves ... Underneath the skin – artist and book designer Stefan Gunnesch with Vanitas-inspired collages as solo exhibition 'Hidden Identities' in London and in December at PULSE Art Fair Miami

The human body, its abstraction and its separate entities are expressed in the work of STEFAN GUNNESCH, who skillfully convinced the jury of the GoSeeAWARDS last year in the category ART PROJECTS (with 'ABSTRACT BEAUTY') as well as ILLUSTRATION with his collages. With ‘Hidden Identities’, The artist just presented his first solo show in London. In December, his works will be presented by Nadia Arnold Ltd. at PULSE Art Fair Miami. Plus, 'Stefan Gunnesch: Into the Vastness' was published this year, his first artist book. We present you photos of works and from the exhibition as well as the artist at work here on GoSee.

His main inspiration emerges from the vanitas genre, symbolic work from the early Dutch 17thcentury showing the transience of life, the futility of pleasure and the certainty of death. Change, blossoming and withering are the starting point for his visual research. The collage technique demands that initially something has to be fragmented and destroyed before something new can emerge. In this sense, the method of cutting is directly related to the theme of vanitas. During creation, the subject decays and changes constantly; and something beautiful can become morbid or even ugly yet fascinating through its own aesthetic.

“With my works, I try to connect to the audience’s feelings and memories. On a personal level I want to tell a story via associations. I consider my collages to be beginnings of visual stories – something that may be continued in the viewer’s mind and can connect with their personal memories.” Stefan tells GoSee.

'Most of the time I work very intuitively with collages, letting flow into them what inspires me, what happens in and around me. Each new work starts with a visual starting point (for example a photograph) which I constantly modify and abstract by cutting out different parts. The next step is complementing it with collage elements, paint and drawing to create a multilayered surface. To create collages and paint them over becomes an egoistic acquisition of the picture’s motif. This process in my work has become a central part of the projects—besides the final collage.

In my work, I dissolve concepts of identity to create a new projection surface, a kind of white space for emotions and desires. To create a new (‘hidden’) identity, I play with abstraction and anonymization of faces and bodies. Somehow, it’s always about finding yourself in there, which also inspires thinking about and feeling into your own body and with that your own identity.”

Stefan Gunnesch studied Communication Design and works as a book designer and illustrator – with a great passion for typography and collage artworks. Since starting his own studio, Bildschriftlich, he works for publishing houses, cultural institutions and artists; From 2011–2017, he taught at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle. He held lectures and workshops among others at Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo (Norway). Under the name of Edition Bildschriftlich, he publishes his own artist’s books in limited editions. His books and illustrations are on display in international exhibitions and are acquired by renowned museums and collections. Since 2013, Stefan Gunnesch lives and works in Leipzig.
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As the lead agency of Dumont Media Group – one of the largest media companies in Germany – DEMODERN has developed a completely new type of exhibition at the Port of Hamburg ... plus DEMODERN is an exhibitor at UPDATE-19-BERLIN

Demodern is one of Germany’s leading digital agencies. Since 2008, it has been designing and developing digital communication for all sectors. Its international team of specialists works passionately and collaboratively on digital solutions – from websites, mobile apps, store & event installations to virtual and augmented reality applications. The goal: to create high-quality, digital communication that makes an impact. We are delighted and honored to welcome DEMODERN as an exhibitor at UPDATE-19-BERLIN.

Demodern, based in Cologne and Hamburg, was founded in 2008 by Kristian Kerkhoff and Alexander El-Meligi. The partners, who previously worked as creative and art directors, decided – after many years of working in the digital sector – to turn their own concept of a digital agency into a reality: with a new workflow, high quality standards, uncomplicated processes and respectful and mutually-trusting client relations. Today, the team of more than 75 creative digital specialists is proud of its noteworthy clients, large number of successfully completed projects and domestic and international awards.

An interactive, future-forward permanent exhibition that brings the Port of Hamburg virtually to life using state-of-the-art virtual reality technologies and a unique choreography of mixed reality, projection mapping, and real-time data: Together with Dumont, the multiple award-winning experts from Demodern – Creative Technologies conceived and realized a unique live experience: the Discovery Dock.

Aimed at presenting “The unseen perspectives of Hamburg’s port” along with unique experiences, two Demodern teams from the Hamburg office teamed up with the client and countless partners from the areas of economics, politics and science to develop the Discovery Dock micro amusement park. For which the teams conducted extensive research into the inner workings of the port. The Discovery Dock was officially opened in a ceremony on 13 May, 2019, by Peter Tschentscher, Mayor of Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg – right in the heart of Hamburg's Hafencity, directly adjacent to the Elbphilharmonie.

The Discovery Dock conveys the multifaceted nature of the Port of Hamburg on an interactive adventure trail accompanied by ambient light and realistic sound. For the detailed conception of the experience, the team chose individual station installations that supported this creative roof and story. Ranging from an immersive audiovisual installation to 4K projection mapping of real-time port data on a huge 3D port model which is the heart of the experience. On seven further stations, groups can deepen their knowledge of industry, nature and business thanks to mixed and virtual reality experiences, and interactive installations. The Discovery Dock shows how it is to work in the port in authentic portraits of employees, visitors can go eye-to-eye with life under the surface of the river Elbe – reconstructed in 3D, built-in Unreal Engine, and feel ship movements by using real-time data. In addition, visitors can become the crane operator of a container bridge or climb onto a basket lift and navigate around one of the largest dry docks in Europe, where a ship is being repaired. In the experience finale, visitors are taken on a journey to an imagined future world.

“With the Discovery Dock as an interactive on-site experience, a micro amusement park has been created, providing unprecedented perspectives and insights of the Port of Hamburg and which make it an unforgettable event for tourists and locals because of its new, playful and engaging interactions,” Alexander El-Meligi, Managing Partner and Creative Director at Demodern explains. For Demodern micro amusement parks are spatial installations that are aiming primarily the entertainment of the guests, eliciting enthusiasm and, moreover, communicating educational and informative content in a playful and effective manner. “And that’s exactly what we want to achieve with the installations of the Discovery Dock,” Alexander El-Meligi says. Together with the client, he and his Hamburg team are responsible for the overall concept of Discovery Dock and have developed the entire experience in close cooperation with the DuMont project team.
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Nicholas Alan Cope and Wolfgang Stahr team up with Art Buyer Katja Sluyter to photograph the campaign for 7000 Series built-in kitchen appliances with world-class chefs and a Japanese flower artist for MIELE and Select World – plus, meet Katja Sluyter on the GoSeeAWARDS JURY 2019 and live at UPDATE-19-BERLIN

For the biggest launch in the 120-year history of MIELE, Select World created a global brand experience for the company steeped in tradition, with photos realized by Nicholas Alan Cope and Wolfgang Stahr. The shots that are aesthetic down to the smallest detail present the various innovations of the new kitchen appliances in the Generation 7000 series. In the lead roles of the campaign are Japanese artist and florist Azuma Makoto, Brazilian Chef and restaurateur Helena Rizzo, founder of “Asia’s Best Restaurant” Gaggan Anand, and star-studded Chef Kyle Connaughton.

The “Life Beyond Ordinary” campaign, which pairs fine art with culinary art, was developed by the agency Select World. The campaign is appearing in 20 countries. Art buying was supported by KATJA SLUYTER.

As a freelance art producer, Katja works with agencies such as Select World, Serviceplan, thjnk, LTT, Jung von Matt, Hello White Parrot, just frank, and Kolle Rebbe. SHOOTING STILLS & FILM ORGANIZATION, PRODUCTION & CASTING, CREATIVE RESEARCH, PICTURE & MOOD RESEARCH, plus RIGHTS DECLARATION & CONSULTANCY are all part of her extensive repertoire. We are delighted that she has confirmed her support for our jury, and we are looking forward to seeing her in person at UPDATE-19-BERLIN.
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