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WELCOME TO EL BAR ARGENTINO – Christian LOHFINK c/o UPFRONT Photo & Film photographs the ‘Wine of the Year’ for METRO

For METRO, Christian LOHFINK c/o UPFRONT photographed the campaign for the wine assortment of Bar Argentino. The agency was Serviceplan Hamburg with ADs Vladimir Vascalup and Janina Janzen. Post production was in the hands of Andreas DORIA c/o UPFRONT.

METRO tells us about its ‘Wine of the Year’ concept: “Each year, METRO’s wine experts search for a partner with whom to make the ‘Wine of the Year’. After determining which geographical region is the best to examine, METRO experts look for a wine producer that exudes excellence – tasting hundreds of wines before making their selection.

Once METRO has chosen its partner, they create a unique blend for the ‘Wine of the Year’. Further tests by experts in Europe determine whether the product meets METRO’s high standards. Upon completion, the ‘Wine of the Year’ is exclusively made available to METRO customers. The ‘Wine of the Year’ meets the high expectations of METRO customers when it comes to quality, taste, price, origin, and sustainability.” GoSee :
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Motion Design with a Bang! New entry : Animation & Design Studio ONOMOTO c/o Upfront Photo & Film with a 2020 Showreel, Asphaltgold x Asics, plus the Buckfast explainer video for you on GoSee

UPFRONT now represents design studio ONOMOTO. “Onomoto is a studio which creates visual experiences. It approaches animation and design with a distinctive zeitgeist. It conceptualizes, designs and animates visual content. Breaking things down, simplifying and communicating them – that’s what Onomoto is all about. Featured work: Showreel 2020, Asphaltgold x Asics, Buckfast explainer video Usbéton, Rin – Das Rennen music video incl. the making-of film.”

SKILLS: CGI & Story: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Look & Feel Development, Design & Animation: 3D Illustration, 3D Animation, Print, TV Branding, 2D Animation.

CLIENTS: Warsteiner, Smart, Mercedes Benz, Covestro, Dr. Oetker, Tmobile, Usbeton, Suckit, Generali, Miele, Uberliss, Volksbank, Blau, Jacobs, Wix, Krombacher, Gshock …
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The new Mercedes E Class for antoni, staged by Frederic SCHLOSSER c/o UPFRONT Photo & Film

Frederic SCHLOSSER c/o UPFRONT teamed up with the lead agency antoni to stage the new Mercedes E Class. The responsible CD was David Scherer, AD was Linh Do with Art Buyer and Creative Producer Aras Sehatkar. Post production was taken care of by GoSee PREMIUM Member RECOM Berlin.
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