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'Falling Waters' – unusual fine art landscape work by WE! shoot it, Michael Compensis & Thomas von Salomon in cooperation with Sarah Willmeroth Postproduktion

Already a year ago, transportation photographers Michael Compensis and Thomas von Salomon began conceptual work on a new fine art landscape spread, for which the duo wanted to venture on previously unseen, artistically dreamy terrain, completely detached from all purported principles of good landscape photography...

After the first round of location scouting, they went into the forests of the Bavarian Prealps at night with all kinds of equipment. "Particularly challenging was finding locations that could be reached in the dark of the night carrying heavy medium-format equipment but that still offered extraordinary spectacles of nature," the duo tells GoSee.

The photos were taken on site with several exposures in absolute darkness. In some cases, individual elements were brought out more clearly with targeted lighting; at times illuminated with simple spotlights, at others with a drone. In some places, the water that plays a role in all of their motifs, began to blur through the long exposure times; A few sharp drops and splashes appear in it caused by the quick targeted light. "This led to an unusually surreal aesthetic already while photographing as a result of the different, or to some extent, non-existent light directions."

To further enhance the unusual appearance of the spread, the duo cooperated in post production with Munich-based newcomer Sarah Willmeroth, whose new and unusual looks stand out. Following the first composing, Sarah was in charge of the look of the work. The result are unusually artistic landscape photos that give the viewer an entirely new experience.
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WE! shoot it aka Michael Compensis and Thomas von Salomon present their megacity portfolio spread with the new Mercedes CLS on GoSee

Transportation photographer duo from "WE! shoot it", Michael Compensis and Thomas von Salomon, are on the road worldwide for their clients. Numerous stays in Asian megacities have made a particularly lasting impression on them. Which is why they decided at the end of 2018 to photograph a colorful and loud portfolio in the megacity of Shanghai.

Since it is not possible to close roads in downtown Pudong (Chinese for 'The East Bank' and known for the Shanghai Pudong International Airport) for a shoot, the duo decided to only realize the backdrops there. But they wanted to photograph a real car so they could integrate it perfectly with people elements. From Mercedes-Benz Munich, back in Germany, came the new CLS from the Stuttgart carmaker.

The beautiful ride was photographed at Munich's Sirius Studio with model Francesco Basso in front of the camera. Integration into the backplates was done by means of projections. "And for post production, Sebastian von Grandidier from ALBERT BAUER COMPANIES Munich gave us his best man Michael Fröhle, who developed the look together with us and also gave the spread its final touch!" transportation specialist duo Michael Compensis and Thomas von Salomon tell us excitedly. GoSee!
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WE! shoot it, aka Michael Compensis & Thomas von Salomon, take a trip back in time to France with the goddess of all vehicles: the Citroën DS

“One day, I want to...” is often how ideas start out that never seem to happen. But not for photographer duo Michael Compensis and Thomas von Salomon from WE! shoot it.

“One day, I want to drive to France in a Citroën DS,” is what Thomas thought, who had just fulfilled his childhood dream with this extravagant automobile. “You know, you'd have to photograph everything analog on classic 4x5-inch film, preferably Polaroid Type 55.” Michael added. No sooner said than done. The duo drove off the very next day. The film has unfortunately been discontinued for more than ten years, but on a little detour to Düsseldorf, they managed to find some old stock. The next day after dreaming the “One day, I want to...” dream, the duo jumped into a Citroën DS 21 Pallas with a trunk full: 60 sheets of film, an old Linhof Technika, a couple of buckets of sodium sulphide, and wetting agents – off to France!

The duo discovered all locations on the way, without even knowing in the morning where they would end up in the evening. Photos were taken in front of the bed and breakfast, the restaurant for dinner, and finally, at the beautiful start and finish lines of the former Grand Prix circuit of Reims Gueux! To make the series complete, the two photographers met up with Melina Johannsen @vintagebeautyglam, who not only modeled for them but also contributed the proper 60s styling with lots of love.

The two present their personal work on GoSee along with an exclusive selection of making-of photos. Enjoy and welcome to marvelous 2019!
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