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WE! SHOOT IT, Michael Compensis & Thomas von Salomon, stage the BMW Vision M-Next concept car for Ramp Design, who spark emotions with design

Just a few weeks ago, the two photographers from WE! shoot it, Michael Compensis and Thomas von Salomon, already had the BMW Vision M-Next concept car in front of their lens for RAMP DESIGN at Munich’s FGV Studio. And right on time for the magazine’s release: The duo is now presenting its work on GoSee.

Like most editorial jobs, the challenge once again this time was to capture the most important perspectives of the car in adequate aesthetic quality in a short time slot. To stand out from run-of-the-mill press stock, the duo developed a photo concept on set with a playful approach that integrates the graphical shapes and loud colors of the concept car – for a production seamlessly continued in the layout of the magazine. The result is a formally aesthetic spread that nevertheless shows a new side of the thrilling concept car. See for yourself.
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WE! shoot it aka Michael Compensis & Thomas von Salomon, together with their partners, present their ‘IKONE 911’ calendar in a brilliant vernissage at the FGV Studios, Munich

The two transportation photographers Michael Compensis and Thomas von Salomon, aka WE! Shoot it, usually work for famous international car brands, but they wanted to photograph a calendar of a somewhat different kind and teamed up with the advertising agency Die Stürmer and Albert Bauer Companies, Munich. The result: IKONE 911.

The underlying idea was to visualize all generations of the iconic Porsche 911. From the very first series of 911s, still named 901, to the recently launched latest model 992 – each series in between was lensed by the duo.

Each vehicle was photographed in the studio, but staged individually. That’s what made the project so interesting. For the studio and support in selecting the Porsche models, they found the perfect partner in Markus and Oliver Schmidle from FGV Schmidle, who had just the right playground for the two photographers at their 700 square-meter, high-tech studio. Assistant Lorenz actively supported them in realizing the motifs.

To some extent, the visualization required planning far in advance: For the 993E motif, neon typeface needed to be rendered in CGI and then projected onto the background in the studio, only to make the reflections in the paint look as realistic as possible. And for the motif of the 996 GT3 RS, the CGI specialists from Albert Bauer Companies flexed their skills: Since the real car just wasn’t available, they simply rendered the entire vehicle.

But that’s not all; Michael and Thomas had the rare opportunity to walk around the individual vehicles with their owners and spontaneously find the “perfect” perspective and come up with the right way to stage the cars.

Florian Stürmer and his team from Die Stürmer started to select and design the calendar. Particular importance was attached to the variety and rhythm of the motifs shown in it, as well as to a reserved, reduced layout. A special highlight of the calendar are its post cards, for which not only the motifs included were used but several others.

The finished artwork of the calendar was then done by Albert Bauer Companies, for which 2D artist Michael Fröhle was also responsible for creative post production and the masterly look & feel. In cooperation with Albert Bauer Companies and Vogl Printing House, they decided in favor of natural paper – again, a rather unusual choice for high-gloss transportation motifs.

To present the project in the appropriate setting, everyone involved whipped out the champagne. At an all-night event, the creatives presented the finished motifs in large-format prints at the 700 square-meter FGV Studio alongside the original vehicles from the calendar. Each of the 150 guests received one of the exclusive calendars – not available in stores, by the way.

Besides their artwork, the two photographers present a recap of the completely successful event on GoSee.
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ICON PORSCHE 911 – a visual interpretation of the Porsche 911 from 1963–2020 : WE! shoot it, Albert Bauer Companies, Die Stürmer, Vogl Druck and FGV Schmidle invite to a vernissage on 9 November in Munich

The two transportation photographers Michael Compensis and Thomas von Salomon from WE! shoot it invite to the vernissage of the mutual project IKONE 911 in Munich, together with their partners from Albert Bauer Companies, Die Stürmer, Vogl Druck and FGV Schmidle.

The shoot at FGV Studio, exclusively for the iconic Porsche 911, already began in the middle of this year. All generations, beginning with the 1963 premiere model, first referred to as the Porsche 901, to the first 911 of the eighth generation in 2019, now referred to as Porsche 922, were each elaborately staged in the studio. The presentation of the motifs will take place, quite befittingly, at the same location on 9 November, 2019.

On display at the 700 square meter studio alongside several of the original vehicles are large-scale motifs and the final results of the shoot. Admission to the vernissage at FGV Schmidle Studio in Aschauerstraße 8 in 51549 Munich begins at 5.30pm, and the exclusive event starts at 7.00pm. Tip for all GoSee readers : If you’re excited to see what’s on display, then register to participate via this link!

As a small appetizer, the two transportation photographers present a preview of the first four motifs here on GoSee. And meet the duo in person as exhibitors at UPDATE-19-BERLIN on 15 November.

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