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news | LONELY COWBOY - fashion film with the ‘Lonely Cowboy Collection’ by fashion designer BLÜNKE shot by Director Maxime Thaysen c/o WE ARE CREATIVE

WE ARE CREATIVE presents a coming-of-age romantic fashion film by Director THAYSEN c/o WE ARE CREATIVE here on GoSee, stylist Gavin Mikey Collins and designer Blünke. “Lonely Cowboy follows a forlorn Romeo who roams the night in search of love and finds it in the arms of Romie. Once hitched, they gather up their ride-or-die companions – cow-boys, cow-girls and cow-thems one and all – and head off into the wild wearing fantastical, frothy creations by Blünke.”

BLUENKE on the film in an interview with Coeval mag : “Together the three of us conceptualized and worked on producing a fashion film that could exist as a love letter, as my ode to the wild Wild West. My Lonely Cowboy Collection, a take on a very kitschy western film, full of gay love, queerness, unrequited love, friendship and loneliness. A Shakespeare moment “where two Romeos find love in a whirlwind romance in the middle of nowhere. Literally finding love in a hopeless place.”

Maxime Thaysen is a Cape Town-based director,...

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