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LOK6 and MZ WALLACE - new works by fashion and portrait photographer MARLEN MUELLER c/o WILDFOX RUNNING on GoSee

MARLEN MUELLER, fashion and portrait photographer from Berlin, is now represented by WILDFOX RUNNING. We present new works by the young photographer here on GoSee, who graduated from the University of Weimar in 2011 and has since photographed for Style Magazine, i-D, ZEIT magazine, Man Repeller, Space Magazine, BOA, The Weekender.

MZ WALLACE designs fine handbags and fashion accessories. The new collection was staged by MARLEN MUELLER. Plus, she photographed for the new Berlin restaurant Lok 6, which is causing a stir at the Gleisdreieck Park with industrial-Mediterranean flair paired with regional ingredients. She also photographed Stella von Senger for STYLE BY.
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New illustrator entry - Julia Praschma c/o WILDFOX RUNNING

'Julia Praschma is a Berlin-based illustrator and art director. Her work shows a range of illustration, 3D/CGI and collage to smaller animations and GIFs. Her style ranges from flat illustration to digital collage, often incorporating crude imagery, handlettering, pattern designs and pop colors. Her specialty is conveying the essence of a complex theme with the appropriate dose of humor and charm.'
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New looks for fashion blog JANEWAYNE and the lookbook by JET SET, photographed by Daniela Müller-Brunke c/o WILDFOX RUNNING

Daniela Müller-Brunke c/o WILDFOX RUNNING photographed for the fashion blog JANEWAYNE.

Daniela Müller-Brunke c/o WILDFOX RUNNING photographed the JET SET lookbook. The Swiss brand wants to become better known with new athleisure fashion and new energy. To do so, it is supported by new celebrity Creative Director Michael Michalsky. Until 2006, Michalsky was the Global Creative Director of adidas, then Creative Director of MCM until he founded his own label MICHALSKY and his haute couture collection under ATELIER MICHALSKY. A combination of 80s aesthetics and a modern distribution system is the recipe for success of the JETSET relaunch.
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