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‘MAXIMOVA x CLOSED’ Jewelry Collection 2020 – with photos for the fashion label cooperation by Marlen MUELLER c/o WILDFOX RUNNING

CLSD x MXMV. We gladly quote CLOSED : “Our first jewelry collection is here! Jewelry designer and model Dari Maximova created a nature-inspired, semi-fine jewelry collection exclusively for Closed. In the design process, she used real leaves, buds and sprigs. Each piece of jewelry is handmade of gold vermeil in Germany – and so beautiful you’ll want to wear it non-stop.” Photos: Marlen MUELLER c/o WILDFOX RUNNING. GoSee :
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LOUIS VUITTON – an exotic event with wallpaper design by illustrator Suthipa KAMYAM c/o WILDFOX RUNNING

Thai artist Suthipa KAMYAM c/o WILDFOX RUNNING realized wallpaper designs for LOUIS VUITTON event. The paper sculptures were created by Teaspoon Studio, with photos by Pichan Sujaritsatit.

About – Suthipa Kamyam is an artist / illustrator based in Bangkok with a background in graphic design and creative art. Her illustration focuses on diverse storytelling, blending reality with imagination through her perspective. Her inspiration comes from her passion for the mystery of nature, tales and legends, especially about unknown places or exotic remote lands, as well as her memories and experiences gained throughout her travels. She believes that all of us have different precious stories in life which makes everyone special. Unfortunately, some stories are forgotten by time …
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