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Anette Görtz F/W 2018/19 with a touch of Oscar Wilde - the campaign photographed by Stefan Milev c/o WILDFOXRUNNING

Stefan Milev c/o WILDFOXRUNNING photographed the latest campaign for the label ANETTE GÖRTZ with his poetic imagery. The source of inspiration for the designer and her team for the Fall/Winter collection was Irish writer Oscar Wilde, his stay in Paris and of course his trips into the nightlife. Instead of going for super femininity, the designs rely more on gender neutrality. The designer's response to the pressure of the global fashion chains is high quality – she has her pieces sewn in Germany and Poland, and her leather pieces are manufactured by a factory in Istanbul. We have the photographic interpretation of the new collection with beautiful shots by Stefan MILEV here on GoSee.
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Stefan Mosebach for a Closed editorial, Jan Burwick with a personal project, Ansgar Sollmann for Gala, Julia Marie-Werner for an Ewe campaign, Valeria Mitelman for the Kunst Magazine 'Klimt Hommage ', Sören Kunz for Cicero Magazine, Jules Julien with a personal project called 'Love Song' and Bastian Preussger with two illustrations (personal work) ...
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