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Wildfoxrunning : S.OLIVER FRAGRANCES, BMW Motorcycles 'Make Life a Ride', VW ARTEON, Delphi Lux Kinos Berlin Opening, ROTKÄPPCHEN, EASY CREDIT, ADIDAS BERLIN, FORBES MAG JAPAN, illustrations for LEMONAID, and Les Duchesses de Mayenne

Petra van Raaij photographed the new S.Oliver Fragrances campaign in her new home Cape Town. David DAUB c/o WILDFOXRUNNING stood for BMW Motorcycles 'Make Life a Ride' behind the camera and staged the new VW ARTEON.

Illustrator Matthias SIFARTH c/o WILDFOXRUNNING realized the poster campaign for the opening of the Delphi Lux cinema in Berlin, and Steffen HOFEMANN photographed Ella Hope for PETRA mag. Kajetan KANDLER photographed for RÖMER, and Sonja Tobias for ROTKÄPPCHEN.

Lina Ekstrand c/o WILDFOXRUNNING illustrated for Dorotheenquartier, Stuttgart, and Joni MAJER and Stefan MOSEBACH for LEMONAID. Eoin RYAN illustrated for FORBES MAG Japan and Jules Julien c/o WIDFOXRUNNING for Les Duchesses de Mayenne. Plus, Lars SCHNEIDER photographed for ADIDAS BERLIN, and Valeria Mitelman shot a beauty series for NEO2...
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WILDFOX RUNNING welcomes fashion, still life & kids photographer Sabrina RYNAS from and looks forward to seeing you at their WILDFOX RUNNING booth at UPDATE17BERLIN !

WILDFOX RUNNING new entry Sabrina RYNAS from Hamburg is a multitalent and started her career with advertising and still life photography. For some time now, she has concentrated additionally on fashion, beauty & kids motifs. We bring you a first insight into her latest works here on GoSee. More is coming soon on GoSee – or is available at their congenial WILDFOX RUNNING booth at UPDATE17BERLIN on 6 October, 2017.
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The old issue 'Fear of Speaking' - illustrated for DIE ZEIT by artist Stefan MOSEBACH c/o WILDFOX RUNNING

For DIE ZEIT, Stefan MOSEBACH c/o WILDFOX RUNNING illustrated a motif on the topic of the ’Fear of Speaking’. The illustrator also displays her work in the Gudberg Nerger Gallery in Hamburg. Further details via his Frankfurt-based reps.
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