Additional Info // about Feli&Pepita

FELI & PEPITA are German artists and photographers working in both the fashion and art worlds. In addition to their commercial work for fashion brands, they produce editorials for international magazines such as Marie Claire, Harper ́s Bazaar, Hooligans Magazine, L'Enfant Terrible, Awkward World Magazine, Junior Style London, La Petite Magazine, Babiekins Magazine, Mini Maven Magazine, Poster Child Magazine, Little Revolution Magazine, Childhood Business Magazine.
Their work was shown in many exhibitions, last in August 2018 in a solo exhibition in Tokyo, Japan, and in September 2018 in Cologne, Germany.
For their photography they are travelling the world with a head full of ideas and a suitcase full of clothes. More information in the interview with Feli & Pepita on Junior Style London: http://juniorstyle.net/chit-chat-tuesday-feli-pepita/