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news | featured by Holger Wild : HOLGER WILD photographs the new AUDI S8 luxurious high-tech, high-performance sedan for Philipp & Keuntje in the Scottish Highlands

The new Audi S8 inspires with progressive luxury and dynamic athleticism while honing its reputation as the benchmark for Vorsprung durch Technik with innovative suspension systems, according to AUDI. Holger Wild had the honor of staging the AUDI S8 in the Scottish Highlands for Philipp & Keuntje.

“It wasn’t long before the weather got rough, which was precisely what we’d been hoping for,” Holger tells us. “When the wind starts blowing hard and the weather changes every 30 minutes is when we get into the right mood. The crew had to often wait around at the locations until it could continue working. Production was put to the test – but producer Caspar Davies was his usual laid-back self and had everything under control.” GoSee member ZOOT Postproduction came up with the necessary grainy film look.

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